Video Advertising

9MediaOnline's focused on providing premium inventory to advertisers to run their digital video campaigns. Inventory that is always in a 100% viewable placement, on validated sites and alongside premium, brand safe content.

We work with our publishing partners to seamlessly integrate native recommended video placements across their sites. These are click-to-play “In-Stream videos”, 100% viewable experiences that appear as native videos to users. This kind of implementation and experience creates premium video inventory for advertisers to properly target and reach their audience. All native ad units can be targeted by audience segmentation and purchased programmatically.

For Advertisers

Rich Inventory

We provide access to premium and large player inventory

Audience Engagement

High traffic quality delivers campaign performance with detailed analytics

Quality Assurance

Fraud filtering and transparency ensures only quality impressions

Premium Service

Dedicated account team focused on building quality partnerships

For Publishers

Monetization Strategy

Our dedicated client services and programmatic experts use decades of industry experience to manage and maximize campaigns

Yield Management

By aggregating all inventory sources, across devices, we maximize yield, streamline workflow, enhance delivery and return the maximum revenue for every impression

Better Fill Rate

With constant monitoring and monetizing inventory effectively, we ensure increased fill rates for our publishers across.