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Wed, April. 13

Video Ad Spending to Increase 22% in 2011 says IAB Survey more

Wed, April. 15

Pre-roll dominates Agencies, Marketers Spread it like Butter more

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At 9 Media Online, we work towards providing the best value for your money. With our different solutions, you will be able to calculate your ROI for every dollar spent

Superior technological capabilities, real time data and our vast experience work in tandom to ensure your marketing goals and advertising dollar gets the best return from your target customer


"Protect your reputation.Your good name is your most vital credential"

As competition intensifies daily in every industry a strong brand name helps stand out in front of prospects.Internet being a very powerful medium to engage with prospects, online branding must play an important part of your overall branding strategy.

Real Time Inventory

Real-time bidding for impressions

By learning what works for your campaign at the impression level, you have a great opportunity to identify trends and discover new insights about your best -- and worst -- consumers, context, and creative. These learnings can be used to guide strategy both within your campaign and across a broader marketing effort.


B2B marketers can benefit from a pay-for-performance strategy

Performance advertising is an exciting online marketing strategy based on an innovative pay-for-performance model. Key benefits are minimal risk, measurable real-time response, highly qualified leads, and payment only for results.


Spend money only on interested Customers
Our sophisticated retargeting technology lets you run an extensive marketing campaign on your site's visitors even after they've left your company website.