About 9mediaonline

9MediaOnline, digital media company specializing in marketing, advertising and publishing with substantial focus on deploying performance based marketing campaigns. We deliver 1billion viewable ad impressions every month that focuses on measurable effectiveness of the campaign delivery. Validated impressions help add value to our list of clientele (Advertisers and Publishers) by giving them a more accurate picture on the campaign performance thereby facilitating their business decisions. Our primary focus is placed on demographics so as to help increase unique and relevant audiences...


  • Display Advertising

    We offer Pre-Roll, Mid- Roll, Interactive Pre-Roll, display banner units and ensure premium placements across our hand-selected, brand-safe portfolio of sites.

  • Video Advertising

    We work with our publishing partners to seamlessly integrate native recommended video placements across their sites.

  • Native Advertising

    Fully integrated across screens to deliver.Higher engagement rates and monetization for publishers.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Leverage rich targeting and advanced ad formats to generate qualified leads and higher returns on your ad spends.

Our Partners

Our partners include small to large advertisers, publishers, agencies, and ad technology companies around the world. We have worked with a wide diversity of clients and have been long associated with many media partners.



Learn about the new trends in the world of digital advertising.

Tackling AD Fraud - 2016: Published AUG 08, 2016.

What our clients say

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    “9MediaOnline has been critical in the growth of our marketing capabilities, especially in a part of our business where we were trying to go from one brand to another very quickly”.

    Dr. TJ Stern

    Chief Strategy Officer for an Advertising Firm

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    “I am happy to be associated with 9MediaOnline. The relationship I have with them is probably the best relationship I’ve ever had with an external advisor and external partner. You understand the issues of brand and the importance of putting the customer at the center”

    Worldwide Head


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    “Great partners, incredibly professional, easy to work with … friendly and nice. 9MediaOnline does amazing, smart work".

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Media Partner

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    “I am a massive fan”.

    Global Executive Director